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If you have created a free blog on any of the blogging platforms I mentioned in the previous article, Where Can I Blog for Free , then you probably noticed one major inconvenience. Your Domain name, or the website address, is a bit ugly. In exchange for giving you a free place to blog, these platforms have added their own name into the domain name you have chosen. For example, if I were using Blogspot, my domain name would be For many people this is perfectly fine. But for most people it is not!


Having the additional name on the domain name can make your URL address hard to remember and also very inconvenient for someone typing it out. Not only do you risk losing potential followers but you are also viewed as having less authority. When looking for a professional site that gives quality information- you do not want to see they skimped out on creating a unique and personal domain.


It is very important to create your own domain early on! Although you may not fully understand this right now, take my word for it! I have been down this road before. To gain traffic means we want to be on Google’s good side. Google loves websites that other people are sharing! Social networks sites, other blogs and websites that link back to your site give you a stronger stance with Google (called a Page Rank) and will help your site appear in search engine results. If you spend a good amount of time building traffic under your free domain name and then later change to a personalized domain- you will hurt your stance with Google. Although the links shared by others will still make it to your site- Google will not see them as the same! So, it is important to create your own domain name from the beginning!

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Have you been blogging a while? It is not too late! But the sooner the better!


So now you must be wondering how to create your own domain name. It is actually very simple!

First- Choose a name! You probably already chose one when you began your blog. If not, use some tips I have learned:

* Keep our domain name short
* Keep it to the point
* Make it unique- Something people will remember!


Visit a Domain registry site. I personally like 

. They make it easy and affordable. They offer domains of all types and some start as low as $1.99. But expect to pay around ten dollars a year for a quality dot com domain name. One great feature about GoDaddy is the suggested name box. After you search one of your own ideas, take a look off to the far right and you will see some suggested domain names by GoDaddy. It helps get your creative juices flowing!

Once you have your unique domain name created and published then spread the word! Time to start sharing your blog with the world. Which will bring us to my next post- Marketing. Be sure to follow either on Facebook and Twitter or by signing up for the Newsletter to learn more!




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