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If you’ve been wondering how to host a Minecraft server then let this article tell you exactly what you will need to do in order to host one of the most demanding and fun games on the Internet.

1. First of all if you want to know how to host a Minecraft server you will need to download the Minecraft_server.exe from the Minecraft official website . On the right side, just click the download button. Note that if you are running Windows, you can use the .exe version, but also the .jar version. If you’re on a MAC then you will only be able to use the .jar version. Because you will download many server files, you should create a folder to put them into, either on your desktop or any other location on your hard drive. The server app will go in the folder you just created. One hint is that there is also a custom server software out there, but you will find that a lot of these apps won’t be supported by Mojang.

2. Now you need to proceed with downloading and installing the latest version of Java. To do so, you need to open up a command window (for Windows Seven users, go to start and type “cmd” and then hit enter. If you’re under Windows XP, then you have to go to Start, Run and then you need to type cmd and hit enter.) After doing so, type “java -version”. When you do this you will be let in on the current version of Java that your machine has. Should you get an error, it means that you need to install the latest version of Java. Note that you need to download the Java software specifically for the type of OS you are running (either 32 or 64 bit).

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After installing Java, run the java -version command once more and everything should be fine.


You need to click on minecraf-server.exe, press enter and the server will launch with a default configuration. You will encounter some errors saying that some files are not found, but don’t worry, as this is a normal part of the process and those files are being created. After the first start you will maybe want to have the server shut down and if that’s the case, then bring up the console and type “stop”.

You may want to have your game started with a higher amount of Ram and if that is the case, then just create a Windows Batch file. I know that some people will think that it’s something hard, this batch file thing, but it’s actually quite easy. Here’s how it goes:

1. Launch notepad so you create a txt document without any type of formatting.

2. Go to Control Panel and see the version of Windows and Java you are running.

3. Maybe you’re running a 32 bit Java on a 64 bit system, so make sure to upgrade Java in this case. Perhaps you changed the directory of your Java install so see the following tips for that. If you have a thirty two bit Java on a sixty four bit system, the java official website will recognize it based on your browser. Some browsers are thirty two bit, so that’s why downloading both the thirty two bit and sixty four bit java is recommended. You will find that in the Java/jre7/bin/ there is the latest javaw.exe file. You may need to update to version 8 if Java doesn’t do this automatically. In this case need to modify the jre7 to jre8. Next you will find the (-XmxtwothousandandfortyeightM -XmstwothousandandfortyeightM) to be the random access memory allocation in MB, where “twothousandandfortyeight” should be replaced with 2048. The normal values are set for one hundred megabytes of Ram, but this is actually not enough. The majority of people will go for 1 GB of RAM or even 2 GB.

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4. You need to rename the Minecraft_server.exe to the name you have given to your file then save it with the name of run.bat and don’t forget to select every file type. All you need to do now is have it saved in the same folder the server is saved in and run it. Should everything be alright, you will notice that your server now has more random access memory allocated. I hope that after reading this guide, you won’t ask yourself how to host a Minecraft server anymore!

As you can see, running a server for your favorite game can be quite simple even if there are some challenging steps you need to go through. Once you do though, you will know how to host a Minecraft server.



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