Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

I thought I’d start my blogs off with a bit of a story as to why I started my second business; Practical Business Training.

Virtual Hand (my first business) was set up in 2011 and in the first five years of business I felt so overwhelmed with all that I had to learn. I’d never had a business before and like many other new business owners I was in for a shock as to what I had to do – in addition to earning money by doing the ‘do’ in my business.

There was also so much on offer – free stuff, cheap stuff, expensive stuff, crazy priced stuff, online, face to face and generally everything in between.

Now I know I have wasted thousands of pounds over the years on training that didn’t quite reach the hype. That didn’t deliver on the offer. That only touched on what I needed and frankly, was a waste of my time! Practical Business Training was not going to be like that training!

As a trainer – in a variety of roles over many years. Within the community, within a corporate, at a learning centre, in the military, to children, to adults, one to one and one to many. I’ve loads of experience and love delivering so the time came. Get out there and show them how it’s done!

It had to help other business owners and obviously it had to be training! I want people to take action, to use their valuable time to actually produce something they can then use straight away but I also want them to be able to continue the good work. So planning was involved, lots of planning – by me before the course and by the attendees during the course.

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I needed them to commit to the training but also commit to continuing the work so we would work on a plan for them to do just that. Identify the best time for them to devote time to their marketing. Creating content daily, weekly, monthly, in small batches, in big batches or; as in some cases, was it just to outsource it? With a plan of what needed to be done it was easy for them to pass over to someone else to ‘do the doing’. Simples! I really am a simple girl and love things simplified, broken down and made easy to take on board and run with it.

I’m loving it – and every day I learn some more – and that for me is what being a trainer is about. Continuous learning and growing for the benefit of my customers, my business, my potential audience and obviously; myself.

I’m not a creative so my logo and website were created by these fabulous people. Not a lot of input from me (so it was a good job they were fabulous and great with issues too. There’s been many a time when I’ve got a problem and they’ve fixed it very quickly indeed). However, I digress; my website is just a vehicle to get me in front of others. Just like my car is to get me from A to B – I’m not really bothered about what it does, what it looks like although the colour is mildly important! I am however, very pleased with Practical Business Training and it’s shop front!

I do like my mini-me too! Created by a fabulous lady in one of the facebook groups I am a member of. Here’s a link to her page: Amy Newlands I truly love it – not something I really thought about but when I saw what she could do I was hooked!

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Do let me know if this resonates with you and your training experience – what should I be including in my training to help people like you? Please comment below.

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