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If you want to bring more customers to your mortgage business, you have to give them a reason to come and buy from you. And there is no better way to offer that reason than a personal invitation through the mail, fax or e-mail. Here are 10 ways to make that invitation extraordinary, simple and economical.

1. Hold a private sale:

Show pleasure of your best customers by inviting them to take part in a private sale. The sale can take the form of an additional discount, or a chance to get special rate a day before everyone else. Good customers not only understand the uniqueness, they take you up on it. Keep in mind, it’s all about positioning.

2. Give Them A Chance To Win Something:

This method will allow your customers to keep attach with your mortgage business and assists you increase your mailing list for future supports. Don’t forget to make it simple to enter – you can allow your customers use their business cards or enter online.

3. Direct Contact Program:

Direct contact program is really helpful for your mortgage business. Keep attach with your old customers by sending different post cards, pictures of your new selling homes or offer them different discounts. This strategy will help you increase your customers. The more you contact your database, the more top of mind you become.

4. Get behind a local charity:

Start a local charity program for the popularity or publicity of your mortgage company. You can send a letter announcing that a percentage of all sales on a certain date will be donated to needy people.

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5. Send a coupon calendar:

Send your database a calendar where each day/month is a coupon. Recommend $X off on any purchase of $X amount purchased. You’d be shocked at how many sales a single calendar mailing can produce.

6. Start a newsletter:

A newsletter can also be a useful for your mortgage business loyalty. Existing customers get more concerned with your business, and new customers do too. Not only that, but once you build up this strategic tool, people will contact YOU when they are ready.

7. Guest speakers, demonstrations and seminars:

Arrange different seminars to demonstrate what your mortgage business presents. Put together an event like this and invite everyone on your mailing list. The speaker would be a great joint-venture for you and gives added exposure at very little or no cost to your business.

8. Get an endorsement:

Is there someone in your community or industry that is well-known and does business with you? Ask him or her to write a letter endorsing your store or a product you sell. Then send a copy to people on your mailing list with a short note. You would be surprised to find that people will call you with a question or product information request. Order our 10-CD set for an example of this type of technique.

9. Remind customers About Your Latest Offers:

Remind your previous or old customers about your latest offers and also offer different discounts on every purchase. Customers not only respond to reminders like this, they realize them. You can do this by sending mail, fax, post card or even through a convincing phone call.

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10. Start a referral program with your customers:

Ask your customers to give you with the names and addresses of friends and business colleagues who they think would be excellent customers. Then send these referrals a promotional offer. If a referral becomes a customer, reward the original customer with a gift.

No matter what -evaluate your results on your strategic marketing campaigns but please, don’t forget to use these accurate strategies in your campaigns. And keep testing until you get the results you want.

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