Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

You’re finally sure: you’re going to get yourself an ergonomic keyboard. Hoorah! You’ve thought about it and it’s the right decision. I’m right here with you. Since I’ve started using an ergonomic keyboard, I can’t even think of how I used to use the normal keyboards back in the days. It completely changed my way of using a computer. It’s a great change and I applaud you for it.

Now you want to get a new keyboard but you also want one that will suit you. Which one should you choose? There is so much choice.

In this article, I’m going to give you a few tips on choosing the best ergonomic keyboard  for you. I’ll divide this article in three: design, price and others.

Your new ergonomic keyboard has to have at least a few basic designs that make it ergonomic. Here are the features an ergonomic keyboard needs:

– Tenting. The centre keys are higher than the rest of the keys. The keyboard looks like a small mount with the letters g and h being the highest.

– Backwards slope. Your keyboard must be sloping backwards from the top to the bottom. That way.

– Padding. Wrist pads are very important and will prevent many wrists related injuries.

These are the 3 parts of the design of an ergonomic keyboard that I would strongly suggest you look for. Without these, it’s unlikely that you will be very satisfied by the product and you’ll come screaming at me. Who wants that?

There are many ergonomic keyboards out there that are ready to be bought. Some are great, others not so much, but even in the great ones you will find a wide variety of prices. Here’s my take on the prices of ergonomic keyboards.

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Some would be put off by the idea of investing a bit of extra cash in an ergonomic keyboard. After all, it’s just a keyboard. The prices can indeed go as high as a couple hundred bucks for a real weirdo looking keyboard . My view: investing a bit more than you would on a normal keyboard is not such a bad idea. You have to remember that an ergonomic keyboard is a product that will improve your general health. It can prevent hours spent (and the money that comes along) at the doctor trying to fix RSI.

The good news is, there are many ergonomic keyboards that are of great quality and quite cheap. You can find some for a mere $20-30. Don’t be scared of putting a bit of extra cash into a great product, but if you really can’t there are always the cheaper options.

Ergonomic keyboards come in many shapes and form. I’ve already talked about general and basic ergonomic designs previously, but there are also a lot of keyboards out there that have additional features. These can either be very interesting or not useful at all.

The point is that you should find a keyboard that you like. There are enough models available that you don’t have to settle for something completely ugly. Do your homework, look around my website  and I’m sure you’ll find a great fit.

Here are my suggestions when I assemble different combinations of the 3 points I made:

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