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Presently, Android has become the most popular computing platform for the smartphone  in the world. As it is open source and free, it has gained traction with device makers. Users also love Android for the surfeit of features as well as customization options. Besides Google is coming up with new features for Android regularly.

However, we have gathered some best Android tips and tricks for your smartphone right here.

1) Keep your screen locked – Android tips and tricks

Keep your phone safe and secured by setting a screen lock with a pattern, PIN, or password. Go to your device “Settings” app and under “personal” option click on “Security”. Under “Device security” tap “Screen lock” and follow the next instruction to select the perfect security level fit for you.

2) Control your location settings

Toggle location settings to control when and how you want to share your location. Just open your device “Settings” app and go to “Personal”. Then tap “Location” to find your location settings. Toggle the button to the “off” position that you see on the top of this page and to turn “on” again toggle this button to the right.

3) Trace your lost phone

To locate your lost phone you should sign into, and make sure that your current device is selected. Approximate location of your device can be seen here. Besides, you can lock your device, ring your phone or remove your data. Your device will ring for up to five minutes though it’s kept on silent mode. To find your phone quickly, just ask Google to “find my phone” always.

4) Unlock the device with your fingerprint

By applying your fingerprint to the sensor of your device you can unlock your phone fast. If your mobile has a fingerprint sensor, just go to your device’s “Settings” menu. Under “Personal” tap “Security” and then touch “Nexus Imprint”. Now follow the instructions shown on the screen. You can include additional fingerprint for other fingers too.

5) Manage your app permissions

Finally, You can control app permissions in your Android Marshmallow so that they can be able to access what you like only. Click on your device’s Settings app. Under “Device” touch “Apps” and you will see your list of installed apps there. Now select the icon of the app that you want to manage. To change permission settings tap “Permissions”. You can toggle the button to the left or right to turn existing permission ‘off’ and ‘on’. Remember some apps may not provide full functionality if specific permissions are turned off. This setting can be changed at any time.

6) Protect your info when you share your device

When a friend uses your phone you can keep him refrained from view your email, texts, etc. by using Guest Mode. Scroll down to go to Quick Settings and tap the user icon on the top of right side. To activate Google Guest Mode select “Add a Guest”. Now your phone is switched to the guest mode and all your data are protected from view. Select “Remove Guest” to end Guest Mode when you want.

7) Keep your device away from harmful apps

Use Google Play Store to download all the apps you required. It ensures authentic and secured apps for you. To download a new app, just open the Google Play Store app on your android phone.

8) Share your locked phone with single app access

Select a single app of your locked phone for sharing. Go to Quick Settings and tap the settings (cog) icon on the top right. Tap “Security” under “Personal” and at the bottom of the list touch “Screen Pinning”. Then follow the instructions on your device screen.

9) Protect your data when your phone is lost

With Android Device Manager you can ring, lock, locate, and erase your phone. Make sure that your device is registered on Android Device Manager: When you lose your device, visit Android Device Manager from your computer to retrieve your data.

10) Refresh your device security

Update your phone’s security settings now and then. It will protect your device and keep your data more safe and secured. On your Settings app go to “Security” and manage your settings as screen security, encryption or device administration.

11) Access your photos from everywhere

Grip your unlimited free storage to keep all your photos and videos saved. Simply open your Google Photos app and click on the menu icon in Google Photos. Now tap “Settings” and then select “Backup & sync”.

12) Search your photos that you need faster

Find your photos on the Google Photos app by person, place, or object. Tap the search button at the bottom of the app version 1.23 and below. Then select your search field at the top and enter a name, place, or object to quickly discover the photo you need.

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13) Capture the full prospect

To take a panoramic photo go to your Google Camera app on the Nexus Device. Tap menu, then touch “Panorama” in the app version 3.0 and up. But in the app version 2.5 and 2.7, just swipe right and touch “Panorama”. When you take your photo, revolve your device slowly and wait until each gray dot becomes blue. Then tap the check mark at the bottom. The image will be saved to your photos automatically.

14) Create your animated memories

Give awesome effects to your photos, movies, and gifs to animate or sparkle with Google Photos app. Just open the app and tap the menu on the top left side, then select “Assistant”. Click the + sign in the top right corner in version 1.23 and below. Then select “Animation”. Pick 2 to 50 images to animate, then select “Create” on the top right side. Finally, your animation will run automatically on the screen as well as it will be saved in photos.

15) Charge your device more rapidly

Activate the Rapid charging feature to your phone for getting charged faster. Firstly, plug in your phone and then go to your phone’s Settings app. Select “Battery Settings” and next check the box to “Rapid Charging”.

16) Save your battery for long-lasting

Activate battery saver mode on your Android device to help your battery last longer. Select “Battery” in your device’s Settings app. Click on the menu at the top right of your device’s screen and tap “Battery Saver”. Toggle the switch to ‘on’. When device’s battery is low, touch “Tap on automatically” to activate battery saver mode automatically. Then select “at 5% battery” or “at 15% battery”.

17) Get your alarm even if your battery becomes low

If your device is not in working mode, Doze keep it in a sleeping mode automatically. Consequently your phone will ring for your alarm in the morning even if you forget to juice it up. It is an automatic feature of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

18) Control screen brightness to avoid battery draining

Avoid your battery from draining quickly by lowering screen brightness of your device. In your phone’s Settings app go to “Device” and tap “Display”. Toggle the switch ‘on’ to activate “Adaptive brightness”. Tap “Brightness level” for manual change of your display brightness. Then set the slider as your choice.

19) Send your text by voice

Compose your text messages by using your voice and send it to anyone you like. Start by saying “Ok Google, text Smith that I’m late for five minutes” or by saying “Ok Google, text Smith”. Then wait and type what Google ask you. If Google is unable to diagnose your voice, go to the Google app and touch the menu in the upper left corner. Tap “Settings” and select “Voice” > “Ok Google’ detection”.

Go to the latest version of the Google app and start using your device hands-free by setting up voice search. Touch the menu icon in the top of the left side. Select “Settings” and then tap “Voice”. Then touch “Ok Google’ detection”. Don’t forget to switch ‘on’ both the “From the Google app” and “Always on”.

21) Just make your voice for things to be done

Simply use voice commands to set your alarms, reminders, or calendar events, etc. Open the Google app and say “Ok Google”. Then say things like “Set an alarm for 6am”, or “Remind me for going to market at 5pm”. If Google is unable to diagnose your voice, go to the Google app and touch the menu in the upper left corner. Tap “Settings” and select “Voice” > “Ok Google’ detection”.

22) Make your call hands-free

Make a call to anybody of your contact list without touching your device. Simply say things like “Ok Google, call my mom” or “Ok Google, call my friend John”. After using a nickname for the first time, Google will ask you to associate the number with it that you like. If Google is unable to diagnose your voice, go to the Google app and touch the menu in the upper left corner. Tap “Settings” and select “Voice” > “Ok Google’ detection”.

23) Use voice alone to navigate your way

Navigate to a specific address like bus station or patrol pump station by using only voice-activated directions. For example, your running car needs fuel. So, you should say, “Ok Google, where’s the nearest patrol pump station?” Then you will be got there by Google. If Google is unable to diagnose your voice, go to the Google app and touch the menu in the upper left corner. Tap “Settings” and select “Voice” > “Ok Google’ detection”.

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24) Ask Google anything to know

Get your answers quickly by asking Google anything. Go to the Google app and say “Ok Google”, then ask your question. It may be like “What’s the temperature of New York city today?”, “What’s the euro currency rate against dollar?”, or “What’s a good Chinese restaurant near me?” If Google is unable to diagnose your voice, go to the Google app and touch the menu in the upper left corner. Tap “Settings” and select “Voice” > “Ok Google’ detection”.

25) Play music with your voice

Play or search for music by using your voice commands only. If you have a paid Google Play Music account, simply say “Ok Google”. Then request Google to play a specific song that you like, or just “Play some music”. You can also search for songs by an artist or title. If Google is unable to diagnose your voice, go to the Google app and touch the menu in the upper left corner. Tap “Settings” and select “Voice” > “Ok Google’ detection”.

26) Switch your flashlight fast

Switch your flashlight ‘on’ or ‘off’ instantly by a single tap. Swipe down your screen to go to Quick Settings. Then touch the flashlight icon on the bottom of the left to switch the torch.

27) Set alarm time for the days you want

Set your repetitive alarms for the same times and days that you want. Open your pre-installed clock app on your Android device. Touch the alarm icon and tap the + button to make a new alarm. Select your alarm time, then create a recurring alarm by clicking the box next to “Repeat”. Moreover, choose the days on which your alarm should ring. Finally, your recurring alarm will be ready to ring. You can edit or turn off the alarm at any time also.

28) Set your device’s screen color reading friendly

Set your screen color easier to read any text on the device by using Android’s color settings. Go to your device’s Settings app and adjust color settings. Scroll down to “System” and tap “Accessibility”. Then follow the next instructions to set your device’s screen color.

29) Make the device yours with adapted switches

Go to device’s Settings app to configure switch access. Scroll down to “System” and tap “Accessibility”. Under “Services” tap “Switch Access”, then toggle the switch ‘on’ position.

30) Share your items faster with friends

Open your share menu and you will get a list at the top of people or places that you share with most often. Just select the people or place you want to share with. Then your item will be shared and you don’t need to open up the sharing settings at all.

31) Get the useful info on your Home screen

Get your info at a glance on your Home screen with the widgets that contain weather info, calendar, news headlines, etc. On your Home screen touch and hold any empty space and then click on the “Widgets”. Tap and hold a widget, then drag it into anywhere on the Home screen you like. When you’re done touch outside the widget.

32) Give your phone unique look

Make your phone’s look unique one with new wallpaper. Touch and hold any empty space on your Home screen, then you will find many options. Select a wallpaper source option like “Live Wallpaper” or you can download more wallpapers as your choice on Google Play. Touch “Set wallpaper” or choose other option to set your wallpaper.

33) Ensure your Android character

If you have the Androidify app on your device, make your own Android character. However, open the app and design a character for yourself or your friend.

34) Help Google tracking your parcels

Google tweaks tracking news from Gmail automatically and you can get notifications when your letters or packages are sent or delivered. Open the Google app, then select “Now card”. Switch on to “Show cards” as well as follow the next instructions shown on the screen to complete the setup.

35) Be notified with weather forecast on the go

Get your weather notification instantly with the Google app. Go to your device’s Settings app and touch on “Search & Now”. Then tap “Now cards” and toggle “Show cards” on. Moreover, follow the next instructions shown on the screen to end the setup.

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36) Get traffic updates on time

Get traffic update notifications automatically using real-time traffic info on Now cards. Go to your Google app and select “Now card”. Then switch on to “Show cards” and then follow the next instructions shown on the screen to end the setup.

37) Access all your documents anywhere

Use the Google Drive app on your device to access your photos, documents or PDFs on the go. Open the app to search for the files that you need. Here, create your new files, edit your existing ones, or share any file with the persons you like. As a result, all changes made by you are saved and stored in the Drive. So, you can access on the Drive from any other device.

38) Be updated with all info

Moreover, get updates without asking about your shuttle or travel info, news and much more wherever it happens. Go to your Google app and select “Now card”. Then switch on to “Show cards” and then follow the next instructions shown on the screen to end the setup.

39) Don’t need to forget your important event

Share your calendar with your friends to remember an important event. Tap “Create new calendar” under the “My Calendar” tab. Create your new calendar matching your needs like name, description, time zone, etc. Then share the calendar with your friends to coordinate hangouts.

40) Get updates on travel and dining planning

Google retrieves updates from Gmail on travel bookings and restaurant reservations. To get this feature on your device, go to your Google app and select “Now card”. Then switch on to “Show cards” and then follow the next instructions shown on the screen to finish the setup.

41) See your device screen on the TV screen

Moreover, See the screen of your Android device or tablet on the big screen of your television. You can see your favorite apps, pictures or anything bigger exactly as seen it on your mobile phone. Ensure that you have the Google Home app with the latest version before you cast and also your device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Moreover, to set up go to the Google Home app and select “Cast Screen”.

42) Access all your favorite entertainment

Access your favorite entertainment by using Google Play apps. Go to the Google Play Store app on your Android device. Then start downloading the entertainment apps you like to use. For example, google Play Movies & TV, Google Books as well as Google Play Music, etc.

43) Keep your whole music collection always with you

Play from your music collection anytime from anywhere with Google Play Music app. Moreover, open the app and upload your songs up to 50,000 for Chrome or Music Manager. When you are done, listen to songs through the Google Play Music on your Android phone.

44) Put down what’s in your thoughts

Also, write down instantly when inspiration strikes on the go with Google Keep. Go to Google Keep on your device or download the app free from the Google Play Store and open it. Tap “Take a note” and then a new keep page will appear for you to enter your text. Also, give a title to this page, save it, or share the page with others. You can also create lists by touching the list icon. Start drawings by touching the pen icon. Moreover, Start your audio recordings by touching the microphone icon as well as photos by touching the camera icon in the option.

45) Translate text instantly when you are travelling

Also, ensure that there is a Google Translate app on your Android device to get the feature. Moreover, you can use your device’s camera to translate text or signs instantly in over 25 languages with the help of Google Translate. Moreover, choose the language of the text you are searching in the top of the left corner and in the top of the right corner, choose the language you want to see the text in. Then touch the camera icon and point the camera at the text you like to translate. The translated result will appear on the screen. Select the “pause” in the bottom of the right corner as well as see the translation of your text.

In this passage, you can get all kinds of best android tips and tricks perfectly.

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