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There are lots of great features to an iPad. You can find out what you have to know, but you need to begin. You need to become well-versed with the different uses, finding apps and the many features available on your iPad. Keep reading to learn more.

You can shortcut to your most used apps. Double-click the Home button to have them immediately appear near the bottom of your screen. This can save you time when switching between apps because you don’t have to go back to the home screen and navigate to the app.

Many people struggle to type on tablets, but it gets easier over time. There is a button that allows you to do speech dictation. Push Home twice and then hit the microphone. When you’re done speaking, tap the Microphone again to turn your dictation into text.

Quite a few people think that the battery charge percentage number is annoying on their screen. Fortunately, there is a way to easily remove this feature. All that has to be done is getting into your settings menu, tapping general, and usage after that. Here, you’re able to switch this off. If, at a later time, you want to enable it again, follow the same procedure.

If your iPad constantly asks you if you would like to join the Wi-Fi networks it detects, change this option. The Ask/Join networks feature can be used to facilitate this. Change this setting, and you’ll no longer be asked to join random Wi-Fi networks.

Be sure that you clear your browser’s history on your iPad before showing someone how Safari functions. You don’t want people seeing personal, sensitive information. The Safari browser will automatically load up whatever page you visited last, so be aware of this before giving your iPad to someone else.

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You can now use folders on the iOS iPad. Just drag on app onto another one to create a folder. Your iPad will then create a folder with both apps. The folder will show the name representing the category associated with those apps. Then you rename the folder.

You can use VPN to access a server remotely. You can enable this VPN connection by activating the VPN feature in the network settings. Enter the required username and server address. If you don’t know what the address is for the server, talk to the network administrator.

A great resource for any question regarding your iPad is an online forum. There are many sites devoted to this popular device that can expedite the learning process and guide you to becoming an iPad whiz. Join a forum and go through the archives to find some useful information on different tips and tricks.

You can set parental controls if you let the whole family use the iPad. Go into Settings, then General, and turn on Enable Restrictions. You still have to watch your kids as they use it, though.

The default setting provides a generic signature that indicates your email was sent via iPad. This is a bit lame, but many people don’t bother to change it. It is easy to add a personal touch. From the “Mail” setting, select “Contacts” – “Calendar” – “Signature”, and then make the changes you want for a more personal touch.

With iPad, you can take care of many of the necessities of daily living. Not only is this a great tool for fun, it can assist you in the corporate world as well. The iPad will allow you to combine a lot of your technologies, which will result in a simpler way of doing things.

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