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Dreaming, staring, and the query, “What did you say?” In any school, there is a case like this. Students are always not paying attention and mentally drifting off at an alarming rate. So, how can you hold them interested?

In this blog post, I’ll discuss some fantastic live resources for keeping your students engaged. The term “live” refers to the present moment. Students must keep centered on the game and act as though their life were on the line.

Students would be enthralled by these live edtech games.

1.Quizlet Live

Quizlet Live allows the students to collaborate to determine the correct term or meaning for the description. It’s designed to help you practice terminology and meanings.

However, there’s one catch: you can’t see what descriptions your colleagues have. If a member of your staff commits an error, you must restart the process. Teams compete to see who will be the first to cross the finish line.

You’ll need at least 12 explanations or words to use Quizlet live. Quizlet Live is the newest Quizlet feature. Quizlet also offers several types of quizzes, such as Flash cards, the gravity challenge, tests, matching challenges, and spelling activities. These are often entertaining, but they are not real, and they are less competitive and activating.

2. Kahoot is a game in which players compete against each other.

Kahoot is perhaps the most well-known example of a live edtech game that keeps students engaged. Furthermore, it is successful. This is what students prefer. They strive to triumph.

Students must pick the correct response as soon as possible. They receive points for each correct response. If the response is right and the student answered quickly, the student would get more points than a slow student.

Why is Kahoot so entertaining? It’s not only enjoyable for students; it’s even enjoyable for instructors. It’s easy to use and provides a nice rundown of the students’ responses. You will see growing concerns are already causing issues and which students are struggling with the content.

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It’s also famous with students because it helps them to use their mobile, tablet, or device. They don’t have to type their responses. All they have to do is press the bright colors on their phone.

Kahoot’s team mode is the solution if you want your students to work more. With only one computer, you can reach a larger number of students. Will they willing to work together and yet react rapidly and accurately?

You may also use Kahoot to launch conversations and conduct surveys.


3. Use of classcraft

This awesome class management game was recently discovered by me! This is without a doubt the coolest game and class management device I’ve ever seen. Why not use the creativity in the classroom, since I am a huge fan of the fantasy world?

Classcraft is an immersive platform that allows students to obey the class guidelines.

Students may design their own avatars with unique abilities. They like to play in clubs. If anyone fails to meet a deadline, it will have repercussions on the whole company. It is important to cooperate and display appreciation for one another.

By following the classroom guidelines, students will earn various points. Students who support other students, for example, are given a specific number of points. They will use a force like “the “warrior” can eat in training” when they have enough points. They will even forfeit points if they do not meet the guidelines. If they miss all of their points, they are given a sentence such as bringing a reward for the whole class or turning in an assignment a day early.

Any power and sentence are yours to select. A timer and a stopwatch are both included in Classcraft, as well as a quiz tool in which the avatars must defeat a “boss.” They must make all of the replies correct in order to kill the supervisor.

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You have complete control of how long you play the game. That may be for the whole academic year or for a few months.



Plickers is a real-time measurement platform that can be used in the classroom or online. It allows the students to privately express their opinions in a glance. You should check to see how your students have grasped the concepts in your class. Both students are given the opportunity to respond to the queries, which encourages them to engage more actively. Plickers is a perfect option for schools who don’t have a system strategy.

What is the mechanism behind it? A mobile app and Plickers cards are needed to use Plickers. To get them, go to the website. The regular cards are available at no cost.

You pose a multiple-choice query to the students, who react by displaying the cards. Your concerns must be posted on the Plickers website. A query letter is represented on either side of a card (A,B,C or D). When all of the cards have been lifted, easily check them with the Plickers app.

Plickers are a perfect instrument for formative evaluation, warm-ups, exit passes, and lesson refreshers in classes from K-12 through university.


5. Poll All and Anywhere

Some claim that Plickers and Poll Everywhere are virtually similar. Okay, both applications will perform surveys, but that doesn’t mean they’re restricted to that.

Poll Anywhere, like Plickers, needs cards and a scanning app.

Poll Everywhere is a totally reimagined polling scheme! You must build a query on the web interface as an instructor. It can be accessed on a student’s screen, notebook, or smartphone.

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Polls are one sort of survey, but open-ended queries like “give me a tip to better my teaching” are another.

Students may use the web app, text messages, or even Twitter to react. You get immediate input from the crowd.

Another appealing function is the opportunity to build attractive graphs based on the responses. You will immediately begin evaluating the findings.



Padlet allows you to build an internet board that you can connect with any number of students or teachers. Simply send them the connection. You may add suggestions publicly or with your name on Padlet. It’s easy to use and extremely useful.

Anyone with the board open on their screen, notebook, or mobile will see what’s on it and what’s being written. It can be used by teachers to do live brainstorming on a subject.

Padlet would not need you to be a trainer. I still use it to keep track of my family’s Christmas wish lists. Padlet is an online alternative to repeatedly replying to emails and ignoring crucial updates.

7. Noisli

Noisli is most definitely the oddball on this chart. Noisly, on the other side, has everything to do with music, is live, and engages students. Isn’t that the point of this article?

Noisli utilizes sound to involve pupils. What is a calming sound? What sound motivates you to work harder? Take a peek at their page to learn what they have to say. Allow your students to function whilst listening to some motivational music.

Have you had your fill of sports and quizzes? You can probably give BookWidgets a shot! On a single platform, you can access over 30 separate features. Quizzes, crossword puzzles, bingo, pair pairing, hangman, and other related games are available. Start your free trial today and get your students involved.


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