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I spent many months in the beginning just like most Internet Marketing Newbies, trying to acquire all the knowledge I could get my hands on. It is not uncommon because people enter this field with little or no training or expertise and think that their best chance at succeeding is to know everything there is to know about this. But that is just the thing, it is impossible to know everything there is to know about this or any other field for that matter. At some point you have to implement what you learned.

It is easy to get sucked into believing every guru out there. Even if you are an Internet Marketing Newbie, you know exactly what I mean. You find tons and tons of information, videos, pdf e-Books, you name it. They all promise to teach you everything you need to know to rake in your Internet Marketing millions and they all seem really authentic. Most of them are, but then it is like enrolling in 15 different universities at the same time for the same major. Everyone will teach you their technique but the goal is the same. If you follow a little of each technique, you will be digging your own grave. The key is to find one good program and stick to their method and more importantly, taking consistent action.

Did you know that that biggest niche in this business is ‘Making Money from Home’? That is because the people who buy the most of the affiliate products are affiliates themselves. Namely, Internet Marketing newbies. It is easy to sign up to list after list in hopes of getting that magic piece of information that will finally unveil the secret of success to us. Well, the secret in just that you have to trust what you learn from that one source you chose and put that knowledge into action.

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The first thing you need to do in order to fit in both learning and doing is build yourself a timetable. You can take a look at mine. I started this as a stay at home mom and full time student so I had some flexibility to build my own schedule but you may have a job and other things that limit your time and you may have to build your own time table but it is not that hard to do. Just remember that if you are still an Internet Marketing newbie, you need to make time for learning as well as doing. So split your time to include both, stick to the plan and you will be super.

Here is the time table that works for me.

5.00 AM – Rise and Shine

5.15 – 5.30 AM – Check mail, stats, facebook, etc.

5.30-6.00 AM – Research Keywords for the day.

6.00-7.00 AM – Write 4 article on the keywords researched, more if you can.

7.00 – 8.00 AM – Get kids up and ready for school/daycare/eat.

8.00 – 9.30 AM – Workout, shower, think/meditate/plan.

9.30 – 11.00 AM – Spin, submit and bookmark the 4 articles.

11.00-12.30 PM – Learning time( I am a member of the Wealthy Affiliate University and I do all my learning from the resources there)/stats.

12.30 PM – I shut my computer and get ready to spend the rest of the day taking care of life outside of Internet Marketing. There was a time when I was an Internet Marketing newbie when I would spend every free minute I had staring at the computer screen. My school suffered, my house was a mess, my kids were feeling ignored and my very understanding husband was coming to the end of his rope. But at the end of the day, I was getting nothing done. That is when I decided that as a rule, I will not spend time working on this after the set time is up. I realize that I can be more productive when I have less time to do it.

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Now I avoid signing up to lists like a plague, I absolutely keep way from checking my stats every hour. I do it on the set time, I do the learning from one source and that is Wealthy Affiliate University,  and I follow my time table to the T.

Waking up early was the biggest battle for me as I have never been a morning person. A few things helped in that matter. I think about what I am going to work on before I go to bed, and the moment my alarm goes off, I start thinking about that again. If I have no plan, I have a tendency to tell myself that I have nothing to do today to I can go back to sleep. Having a plan gets my mind going and wakes me up.

Another thing I do is strictly refuse to talk to myself about going back to sleep. I know if I allow that I will always convince myself to go back to sleep, it is funny how creative I get in those wee hours at convincing myself that it is best to sleep. So I just avoid thinking about that and just get my body up, almost mechanically. I think I am so much more productive and have so much more energy on the days I get up early.

So if you are an Internet Marketing newbie, follow these things about planning your time and putting in consistent action and you will soon succeed. Stop going after every new offer, stop promoting a new product every week, stop signing up for lists, stop spending your money on useless e-Books. Just find a good training resource and work work work on promoting one single product till it starts giving you returns.

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