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If I hear one more person tell me to backlink, I am going to backslap their homepage. If you are not backlinking back to your page, you’re not doing SEO. Don’t even get me started on press releases. We know this, if you don’t know this, once again, you are in the wrong business or your dislexic.

I first learned about SEO right around when Panda was launched against the world. I learned quickly that quality was what the search robots were looking for. It was unfortunate the business I started working for was doing black hat SEO for their website since 2003. It is really hard to reverse a decade of spammy work. Which I didn’t in case you were wondering.

Finally, a Don’t

So, that will be our first don’t. Don’t go to a backlink service offering thousands of backlinks in a week. If you are a new website starting out, the last thing you want is Google finding you appear on a thousand different pages backed by no content, in the matter of days.

Google automatically knows you are spamming, and guess what, so do we. For the sake of your success take your time, if you can, do it in house. Go for quality every time you begin an article. When that quality article you worked on hours for, don’t just post it then forget about letting it get buried in the world wide web. Use your social networks to link back to it. Send links out through donthe web so the rest of the people interested in your niche can read it.

Where to post Spun Articles?

Another don’t for you backlinking buffoons, don’t copy past your article across 15 different article publication websites. Don’t even spin that freaking thing. If you don’t know what article spinning is, I will give you an update on a out of date tactic, don’t do it.

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Article spinning was creating a 500-1000 word article, filled with keywords usually focusing on your niche. Then posting it to a website like Ezine Articles and plugging in your text to the program to replace certain words. Half the time it would come out jumbled nonsense, with worse grammar then a third grader could do. Then, taking the spun product and posting it to another article submission website. Honestly, this is just a time consuming form of spamming.

Hey This Is Cool Too!

Back to the list. Don’t get your website confused about what it is. If you are a cooking website offering killer recipes that would make grandma jealous, don’t link back or fill another page, like your blog with information on the date rape drug GHB. This, however, could be maneuvered around if you did write an article about baking chocolate chip cookies to kill the taste of GHB, that would still be though, information on cooking.

I Should Make it Simple and Link Everything

On your blog posts or your guest posting, don’t fill your article with spammy links back to your website. Honestly, one will do. Two would be o.k. I would guess, but go past three. This too differs from how much content is on a page.

If you get your point across in two hundred words or less, give yourself one link in some anchor text. Make sure it counts. Google does consider it spammy if you go backlink crazy and start adding backlinks every paragraph.Read more up on this topic here.

Lets Take em’ On A Trip!

A high bounce rate on a pogo stick is awesome, not on your website. Keep your information informative enough and interesting enough to keep people locked in. When one article is done, give them the chance to get to another one.

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Give them reason to stay on your webpage. One of the ideas I had was institute a game of some sort. A simple game. I wasn’t thinking putting the whole game of Zelda on your homepage, but maybe a game relating to your niche. If you’re a golf site, I would add a putt putt game offering a coupon for the high score. If you give information on herpes, add a game about putting on a condom.

We Love The 80’s

Stay relevant with your content. If you are posting out of date information that was true in the 80’s but doesn’t even make sense today, Google can see that. The robots they send out to crawl every site ever created are sophisticated. I am sure they can tell if your lying by back checking with the other million websites created about the same thing you are doing.

Spellcheck? For What?

If you have a website with only one or two sentences or a site filled with gibberish and bad english, you will struggle to rank too. I have to be honest with you guys, i’m screwed. I have the worst grammar, it’s been that way since grade school english.

If you are writing short choppy pages, maybe just to link to another page. Either add to it or destroy it. I would think the same would apply with your backlinks. Avoid making links yourself on poor quality pages. If you get backlinked too, it is hard to control that because you have no idea where it is going. If you do see a link back to you which is unsatisfactory, write an email to that website. I don’t know if they legally have to remove it, but most of them will.

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AdSense FTW!

If you have ads on your website, cool. Keep them below the fold. Don’t make websites specifically designed for ads. Google doesn’t like this either and to be honest it makes sense. Why would Google send searchers to your website if you only want to go and have them click off to somewhere else.

Why not Get Traffic That Doesn’t Convert?

Also, don’t create deceptive links on your page or with backlinks. If your off page backlinks anchor text is Swimming Pools in Cali, but the actual URL is a page about decapitated pandas, don’t do it. Once again, with the user in mind, when they are looking on more info about pools in cali, the last thing they want to see is anything but swimming pools in cali.

Atleast I can Spam my Pictures!

Don’t stuff your image text either with keywords. You can describe your image of course, but don’t describe that picture a hundred times. Most people are smart and believe it or not, when you say “Honda Transmission,” they can get it the first time. It doesn’t help anybody, not even your little fingers when you put “Transmission, Honda Transmission, Transmission for Honfda, Transmission for Import, Aftermarket Transmission, Cheap Transmission, so on and so on.”


These are not certified don’ts of SEO neither. Nor is it a complete list. Google does not acknowledge anywhere a full list of what to do and not to do SEO people. But, one thing you can always keep in mind in plotting and executing your SEO campaign is quality. All these factors are hints at low-quality pages. Keep your info relevant and your pages clean. Good luck in your endeavors

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