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Insta stalker is a term used for stalking people on Instagram without them knowing. In other words, it’s a way of looking at their profiles anonymously. It might suggest to the account’s overall impressions. But they cannot see that it was you who was looking into their profile.

If you want to see someone’s Instagram story or posts or profile, but you don’t want them to know, then Insta stalker is a great way to do that.

If the user’s profile is private, then you will have no access to view their profile.

Of course, if you are using websites like, then perhaps you have a problem. If you want to become an Instagram stalker, then it is an important thing to reach for help from friends, professionals etc.

Good things about Instagram stalking:

There are also some good reasons to use these websites.

These are very great for parents. Yes, of course. The parents can keep an eye on what your child is doing or what your child is posting on Instagram, and you can use these websites without making them think that you are inspecting every single thing that they are posting on Instagram.

It is also easy to see if someone has blocked you from someone’s page or stories. When you have a doubt that you’ve been blocked, then you can look into their profile on these sites. If they have deactivated their Instagram account or stopped posting stories or posts, then you would not get any results on these websites.

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Another excellent and interesting reason to use these kinds of websites is if you don’t have an Instagram account, then you probably can’t watch people’s Instagram stories or posts. Using these websites like, you will be able to see what people are posting on their Instagram without the burden of creating an Instagram account.

As these sites can also be used for bad purposes, they can also be used for good purposes or research. you need to be careful when you are using these kinds of websites.

 Are You An Instagram stalker?

Of course, you can also stalk people on Instagram without the use of these kinds of websites. The disadvantage of this kind of stalking is they will be able to see your name.

If you want to do such things, you can also do it by creating a separate account. But after making a separate account also they will be able to see your name. But now not with the familiar name or your original name. Now with the name you have created separately for these kinds of things. But it is not that difficult to find who is the exact owner of this account.

While the Instagram app doesn’t allow you to see specific people who viewed their posts, but there are also a lot of third-party applications that will probably let you see specific posts. So if you think this is not a kind of Instagram stalking then probably you are not.

Just don’t be an Instagram stalker. It’s cool.

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How to know if your account is being stalked or not:

Instagram stories:

The Instagram stories tell all about whether you are being stalked or not. In Instagram, if you post a new post, you have access to know those who are viewing your posts. There might be some indication that your posts are being stalked like if you see the name of the person in the first list for so many times you have to make a note that the person who is looking at your posts has some crush on you or he is badly waiting for your posts.

Insta stalker apps:

You can also download some external apps like insta stalker to know those who are watching your profile. You must also be careful while using these kinds of apps. Make sure that you have turned on the two-factor authentication on your Instagram account, which makes it impossible for anyone who wants to hack your Instagram account or log in to your Instagram account.

How to get rid of stalking by someone:

Make your account private:

Yes. Make your account private. This helps you to filter those who can have access to view your profile because if someone wants to stalk or look into your profile, they have to follow you. This way you can get notified by those who are stalking your account.



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