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Brought to you by AT&T, the Motorola Slvr L6 is perfect for those who just need a cell phone to do some chatting with friends. If you need something that has a bit more kick to it, this wouldn’t be the first cell phone you’d want.

The nice thing about the Motoral Slvr L6 is that it is inexpensive for the amount of quality you will get with it. Coming in around $120, it’s a good deal for the amount of quality that is available.

Motorola Slvr L6

One of the nicer features of the Slvr L6 is the length of talking you can get out of a full battery. After testing, fully charged, a battery can last up to eight hours of non-stop talking. So for you chat-a-holics that are on a budget. The Slvr L6 may be your best bet for a trendy stylish phone that’s durable. Even without talking the standby of the phone, fully charged, came in around 15 days.

Features Motorola Slvr L6 Cell Phone

The other features on the phone are pretty typical of any other phone out on the market. The camera on the phone was pretty lame. Most of the photos that were taken came out blurry and hard to distinguish. So don’t expect to take a snapshot of a masterpiece with this phone. The phone does keep a cool bar at the bottom of the screen though that fills up once you’ve used up all the space for storing photos. There is also a recording option that can take up to 30 second recordings of anything you’d like. Access to the Internet you can share it right away with your friends or upload it to your favorite video sharing site.

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The design of the Motorola Slvr L6 does make a very nice accessory making up for some of its technology downfalls. Tiny, silver, and a screen that’s easy to view, makes it the choice for a cheap trendy cell phone. The screen is customizable and the backlight can be change to be brighter or darker depending on how you like it. The wallpapers (just like the camera) had a gray tinge to it. It wash out effect that made most pictures almost unrecognizable. Seeing incoming calls was fairly easy which is the thing you want to see the most just in case that one in-law is calling.


Bluetooth does come with the cell phone and can easily be set up for when you’re on the road or taking a walk for easy hands-free talk. It can also access the Internet with little trouble. The speed was fairly typical of a cell phone but it does put the WAP 2.0 to good use.

Overall, the Motorola Slvr L6 is good for those who just need someone to talk to and something trendy to raise their status with. If you’re a media junkie, you might want to invest a bit more money and get a more expensive model.

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