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Microsoft Powerpoint ideas abound for those willing to pay attention. Over the years, we’ve monitor the progress of an organization called Feed the Children. This organization’s mission is to provide food, water and clothing to disadvantage children the world over. What we’ve notice is a remarkable consistency in the way they present organizational messaging to would-be donors and supporters.

Microsoft Powerpoint

Amazingly, with the advent of 3-D graphics, interactive television commercials, HD video and other technological advances, Feed the Children has remained steadfast with using a marketing formula that has proven successful.

1. Children are sick and dying 2. Children don’t have the necessities of life to survive 3. Their parents are unable to care for them 4. The viewer must get involved 5. Good people do good deeds

Five Key Points

This messaging is so effective that one of our employees, who live in Australia some years ago, heard a local bragging about giving $10 a month to feed a hungry child! What has to do with business marketing? It doesn’t take expensive and world class graphics to communicate effective value propositions. Feed the Children has been successful by communicating an effective message using, first, images and next – an urgent call to action.

Secondly. to gather your thoughts and begin crafting ground-swell messaging, take a minute to jot down ideas and consider putting together a Powerpoint presentation. We are not saying that Feed the Children’s marketing campaigns haven’t been tweak over the years but their approach has remained basically the same. As your business evolves, so will your messaging so creating a ‘boiler plate’ presentation with key selling points is critical. Think of your presentation as a mission statement of sorts. Its’ core principles should rarely change yet must adapt current market conditions. What is most profound about Feed the Children’s marketing is although the spokesperson may change from time to time, it is the message and not deliverer which viewers remember.

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Seriously, can you recall any spokesperson whether famous or not? No! It is a sure bet, however, most who’ve seen commercials can describe how impactful the visual messaging was. What’s the point? When creating presentations, allow images to hammer home key points! What image can you use in communicating a more memorable message than competitors? Sometimes it can be a logo but more often value is created through communicating how your idea furthers the goals of the viewer.


Key Points For Powerpoint

Finally, you don’t have to be a great Power point presentation designer to inspire your target market to action. All that’s required is to spend time crafting key selling points. A great resource to begin the process of research on great selling points and brand messaging is locate at Word of caution; when viewing presentations, you’ll immediately understand which organization’s take their messaging seriously and which don’t!

Great companies well understand the value of business presentation creation. An example of this can be found next time you walk into a bank and view any streaming media offer to customers. Awesome brand messaging is an end result of well thought out processes which meet the needs of clients and customers.

Your presentation must solve a nagging problem for target audiences and key demographics. This problem can be immediate wants, answers to nagging questions or as Feed the Children demonstrates, relieving guilt. Ever wonder why charitable donations skyrocket each year around Christmas time? Whatever the problem, the opportunities to create brand trust are numerous and, no hyperbole intend, never ending.

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Succeeding as an entrepreneur and small business takes time and although many present false (yet effective) messaging that it occurs overnight, nothing is further from true. Begin, the journey to create an effective message with what is most important; who you are and how your solution solves THE ISSUE.

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