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What genius of marketing so easily deranges the mind and ego such that normally intelligent people abandon their wisdom to spend frivolously on bottled water when Maslovian satisfaction is but a faucet away? How do the marketers tap into our minds and egos? (Redundant question but I needed to get in the pun).

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Great pun, Michael! Ol’ P.T. Barnum stated “there is a sucker born every minute” (or at least that’s what I read). This holds true for most people, because they DO indeed abandon their wisdom and get caught up in the peer pressure, keep-up-with-the-Jones’s, I don’t want to stand out, just tell me what I’m supposed to do next, “it’s the latest thing” syndrome. Ma

Marketers do take advantage of this, but good marketers are suppose to highlight and educate the unique selling points of their products, and with that information, allow the consumer to decide [in this case] which water they want to drink.

When the original water bottles came out, I thought they made an excellent weapon that could be used by runners to deter any bad people or dogs that attack them. There’s a point no one has brought up (as far as I know). Hydrating the body is one of the key ingredients for good health, so carrying a bottle of water makes sense for busy people on the go. However, I know some folks who simply fill up their bottles with tap water and carry them around. In years past, there have been a lot of media hype about the safety of our drinking water, which makes sense (the more people we put on the Earth, the more muck we create….and muck flows downhill into our water supplies). “Warning, warning – better buy bottled water!”

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Does the common consumer investigate the chemical composition of bottled versus tap water? Negatory. So, Michael, you have to hand it to the water bottle marketing people; it’s amazing how many of us actually buy bottled water. Incredible.

If I was marketing a new water bottle product , I’d probably use the same strategy and add in the zero calories/zero fat concept as well. I’m not so much amazed at bottled water people’s efforts to sell their product, but moreso at how quickly most people get on the bandwagon. It’s fascinating.

“Would anyone like a nice, cool glass of authentic, old-fashioned, tap water? I hear 2004 was a good year for tap water. There was slightest hint of muck, but that adds a certain something to the flavor. At my parties, we only serve the best…almost clean, slightly chlorinated, with a trace of fluoride…tap water. Sophisticated, stylish, casually elegant. Buy some today!”

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