Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

One of my new favorite books is Soul Currency, by Ernest Chu. I wanted to share a couple of passages from the book with you this week because they speak so powerfully to something that’s pivotal to soul-aligned success: being open to receive.

(A quick fun story about Soul Currency: when I read the back cover, my very first thought was, “Hey, I know this guy from Facebook!” It’s not the first time I’ve said this to myself upon picking up a book. Goddess bless the Internet!)

Inspiring Stories

I highly recommend Soul Currency, for the inspiration of Ernie’s phenomenal story and gems of wisdom such as this:

“Most of us, as we conduct our everyday lives, exhibit difficulty in receiving the inspiring stories. I have heard several people over the years announce with great pride that they treat their pets better than they treat themselves. We sometimes mistakenly view love as the denial of the self, and therefore we too often subordinate our needs to those of loved ones and friends. We spend our time working for and donating money to ‘worthy causes’ even when our finances are out of order. […] When the circulation of love is stopped by an inability to receive, then eventually we have little or nothing left to give.”

For spirited entrepreneurs, one of the ways that the inability to receive shows up is a never-ending focus on giving: giving away time and sessions for free, over-delivering of services, saying yes even when we want to say no, feeling guilty.

The problem with too much giving is that it doesn’t serve either party; indeed, too much giving is actually disempowering and a disservice to the very people you are trying to help. Meanwhile, it leaves you feeling depleted, burdened and resentful.

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As the saying goes, you can’t give when your cup is empty. The process of changing your client’s lives is an energy exchange, a giving and receiving, in all areas. This week, my coach’s request to you is to uncover where you are blocked to receiving. Here are some areas to consider:

  • Support in your business from those who can help you such as assistants, web designers, team
  • Emotional support from family, friends, and colleagues
  • Mentorship from those further along the path
  • New and exciting opportunities to pull you forward


Gratitude and recognition from happy clients Financial abundance, in the form of payment for your services As my final thought to you, I’ll quote Ernest Chu again because he says it so beautifully: “I encourage you to begin, from this day forward, to value yourself more fully by consciously looking for new ways to love yourself and by being open to receive the gifts you are given. By loving yourself and expressing gratitude for what is present, you affirm your connection to others and the universe. In connection, there is flow.” Bright blessings and massive success to you… Share and Enjoy: Filed under Mindset · Tagged with

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